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Mobile apps have an unrivaled ability to build not only stronger, but deeper relationships with your customers.


The personalised relationships built with customers via a mobile app, will create customer loyalty in every sense of the term.


Mobile apps are a must have for any business wanting to keep pace with a modern business market!







Let us show you how to make your life easier, safer, and more productive, with a cloud offering tailored to your needs.


We can help you create a life where all your "stuff" is anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Also, all your contacts, calendar, mail, and other "people" related items are perfectly coordinated. Plus backups, file system maintenance, and multiple data entry, become a thing of the past!







Translating the complicated talk of Business Automation, into what it can do for you, your staff, and your business in general.


Things like being able to take credit card payments onsite without the need for eftpos, and have the invoice data automatically entered into your accounting system.


We understand what it is to have software just do good things for your business!







Using the Joomla! content management system, a good looking, secure, customer attracting website, can be yours in no time at all.


Working hand in hand with you all the way, for a website that's exactly what you want.


All websites are constructed with built in Joomla extensions, to make the most of search engine ranking technologies!







Search ranking has been changed forever, and a strong Social Media presence, is now the most reliable way to rank highly in search.


With an intimate knowledge of Social Media, and Google Plus in particular, we know what it takes make Social Media work for you.


Plus our unique Follow Me - Follow You Network, means you'll get plenty of engagement!







More than just an online media company, Constantech can take care of your everyday computing needs too.


From diagnosing and repairing hardware faults, to installing networks, and fixing those annoying little software problems.


Of course, friendly, personal customer service is all part of the package!