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Social  Media Marketing - SEO


What is Social  Media


Social Media are the services provided by various companies on the internet that enable individuals, and companies to socialise.  Some of those services are:

Google Plus - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn


What is Search Engine Optimisation - SEO


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, are the methods used to help your website rank more highly in search results.


Social Media Marketing


Google has changed search forever.


Once was the day when paying a company to place links to your website on a zillion blogs, then making short and extremely frequent posts with more links on your own blog, was a sure fire way to rank in search results.  This was great for the big companies, with lots of dollars to spend, but for the rest of us, it meant we could only rank wherever the list of big guys finished.


Those days are gone, and gone forever.


Google is levelling the playing field, so anyone can rank in search results.  The way Google is doing that, is by making "rich" content the king of search ranking.  Basically that means, if you can provide content that makes people want to follow you in the Social Media world, and then contribute by way of comments and +1's or likes, you'll rank higher in search.  The more engagement you can get, the higher you'll rank.


But it's not just a matter of creating a few profiles, and copying in a bit of content that will do the job for you.  It's a concerted, coordinated effort that will make your website rank in search.   With an intimate knowledge of Social Media, and Google Plus in particular, coupled with our unique "Follow Me, Follow You Network", Constantech can put together a Social Media Marketing strategy that will see your website rank highly in search.



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